Fate Core: Agents of the Black Buck

Maiden Voyage

Season 2, Episode 2



— The party, Orren, Jarkko, and Sven, arrive in Bayherst Falls to meet a local mobster who owes Adash a favor: Don Vito Leonardo Gennari.
— Don Vito agrees to help the party how he can and tells them that the Duke is planning to launch his newest airship, the “Sara Rose,” with a big celebration the next day. The party decide to gather intel on how to sabotage or destroy the airship.
— Jarkko and Sven head to the Engineering Hall run by the Balebrow dwarven clan. Sven and Jarkko ingratiate themselves with the dwarves and especially their leader, Winderin Balebrow. Winderin explains the airship was built with a magic keel that makes it among the most sturdy and fastest ships in the Duke’s fleet.
— Sven and Jarkko meet an associate of the Don’s, an eager half-orc named Thurdur Axebinder. Thankfully, the half-orc is a capable pilot.
— Orren locates the pilot of the airship, a dashing woman named Athena Watt. Orren tries and fails to seduce her, but learns more about the ship and how it must be piloted. He discovers that the party would need a crew to take the vessel.
— The party return to Don Vito and ask him for a crew. He agrees, at great personal risk to himself, so long as the party members each swear to uphold one favor for him someday. They agree.
— Orren forges a note from the Duke claiming the airship must be inspected one final time. The thugs from Don Vito sneak on board with crates of weapons. They find the ship empty. Meanwhile, Captain of the Guard Logan Grimhearth notices them approach but doesn’t recognize the party in the darkness.
— Sven tricks Logan aboard and attacks him as the party cut the airship loose. The guards are unable to climb aboard as Thurdur pilots it away. Sven leads Logan up to the top of the deck, where he throws the guard off the airship with Jarkko’s help. Logan plummets to the city below, crashes through the City Hall roof and dies.
— The party manage to evade the airships that have been scrambled to take them down. They flee Bayherst Falls with their prize and sail to the eastern coast. There, they recruit pirates and mercenaries to crew the airship. They rename it “The Pandora” and dock it behind their fortress in Wood’s End.
— Adash warns them that though they gained a powerful weapon in their battle against the Duke, they have also shamed him publicly. He will likely not rest until he learns who is responsible, Adash says. Sven and Jarkko realize they gave their real names to the dwarves in Bayherst Falls and worry that the Duke may soon discover they were involved.




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