The King of Hell — God of pride, power, slavery and dealmaking



Just after the world was created by the All-Life and Death Itself, devils and their kin were formed. Known for their hatred and cruelty, the devils were banished to the underworld by a team of good deities, who felt the devil’s influence would corrupt and soil the young world.

The devils fought amongst themselves, save for one whose cunning was unmatched: an archdevil named Asmodeus. He gained power above the other archdevils, murdering those who refused to fall in line and setting up deals with those who would back him. Asmodeus is said to have lead his devil army back into the world and faced off against the deities once more.

But instead of fighting, Asmodeus brokered a peace, offering to serve as a neutral arbiter between the feuding gods. Surprisingly, he was true to his word and a contract was signed by all the first deities (Asmodeus’ followers are convinced that the King of Hell hid a provision in the contract that will ultimately help him rule the universe). Among his lieutenants was a demigod named Red Jack, who ultimately betrayed his master and struck off on his own, unhappy that the King of Hell was content to rule the underworld.

Unlike other devils or gods who delight in suffering, like Rovagug, the King of Hell is known to adhere strictly to his codes and his words. However, he is not to be underestimated, other good deities warn, since he often tricks those who enter contract with him.

Asmodeus is commonly depicted as a humanoid horned creature with the upper body and head of a human and the hooved legs of a goat. A notoriously competent negotiator, Asmodeus is worshipped by some diplomats who seek his talents and his blessing is often sought by rulers who believe that “might makes right.”

Notable Worshippers:

Race: Devil (Ascended)
Age: Ageless
Current Status: Alive
Domains: Contracts, Law, Evil, Deception, Power
Role: Ruler of the underworld
First appearance: “Down with the Patri-orc-y”
Season(s): 3





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