Death Itself

The entity that embodies death



Death Itself is a terrifying invisible entity that controls when someone dies. It is said that Death Itself existed before the universe was created, deciding with the All-Life to form creation.

While the other gods of the world are powerful, not even they can wield the power of Death Itself. As the font from which death flows, Death Itself can even kill the gods if it desired. Why Death Itself hasn’t killed the world yet remains unknown.

Like the other gods, Death Itself has servants who do his bidding. These beings — they rival the gods themselves in power — are the among the most feared entities in creation, simply due to whose herald they bear.

Death cults remain popular in some scattered segments of the world, though they mainly fade out over time. Unlike the other gods, Death Itself shows no favor to those who worship him, so those who try to curry his favor often turn their attentions to devils, demons or evil gods to satisfy their urges for power.

Race: Proto-God
Age: Timeless
Current Status: Living (?)
Domains: Death
Role: Bringer of Death
First appearance:



Death Itself

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