The Righteous Blade — goddess of honor, justice and valor



Iomedae was once an Dravidian sword-mistress in the Age of Legends. It is said she led her companions into battle against the orc hordes, beheading their leader in a stunning duel and driving the clans back into the Northern Hills. Her skill with a shield and blade was nigh unmatched, drawing the attention of the gods.

Torag, in particular, saw the pure heart of a warrior and offered her the secret to godhood, should she complete his challenge. Iomedae accepted and succeeded, joining Torag as a deity.

Her appearance is an armored swordswoman, outfitted in gleaming silver armor and armed with an elegant longsword and sturdy shield etched with her holy symbol — a proud lion’s mane.

Like her mortal self, Iomedae is a proud warrior devoted to serving justice. Her followers are almost exclusively trained swordsmen, nobles, knights and paladins, all of whom must take the Vow of Iomedae to gain her favor. The Vow, as its known, lays out the tenets of her religion: fight honorably and fair, protect the weak who cannot fight for themselves, use the sword as an extension of the self and strike down evil at every turn.

In addition to teams of warrior devotees, Iomedae has followed Torag’s example and bestowed god-like power to a few lucky warriors she deems worthy of her favor. The elevation of demigods to serve the deities is a common practice among the gods. What is uncommon is the demigod’s levels of devotion to their Sword Mistress. It is said her heralds would rather die than betray her.

Notable Worshippers:

The Iron Bound
Satine Lewis

Race: Human (Ascended)
Age: Ageless
Current Status: Living
Domains: Law, Good, Glory, War
Role: Protector of justice
First appearance: “Iron Teeth in the Boundless Maw”
Season(s): 2


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