The Master of Masters — god of history, knowledge and self-perfection



Unlike most of the other gods who existed before history, Irori ascended from his mortal form to divinity. His followers say he learned the Perfect Form, a style of self-perfection and reflection that literally turned his body and spirit immortal.

Since his appearance as a god, Irori has been respectful of the other deities but maintains no close ties to any one god. Because of this, others in the world see Irori as a selfish god, one who won’t interfere with his superior strength of mind and body when needed. His worshippers dismiss this criticism, saying Irori opens the path to godhood for those who follow his teachings.

Because of his rumored perfection, Irori is never protrayed in art by his followers, since nothing could live up to his unbeatable form. His worshippers are often plainly-dressed monks who look inwardly for self-improvement. They train their bodies as well, with Irori monks being well known for their unarmed fighting prowess.

Some tribes, like the Akashi clan, seek to attain and index all knowledge, believing it will bring them closer to godhood. The Akashi claim Irori was a member of their tribe, thus explaining the Akashi’s ability to access a kind of shared memory through the power of their bloodlines.

However, other sects — specifically the Unseeing Eye, an outcast band of Akashi — believe that some knowledge is too dangerous to be known. The Unseeing Eye, a group of psionic monk warriors who call themselves Pupils, travel the world seeking to destroy that kind of knowledge by erasing it from history. Their ultimate goal is to have the evil knowledge wiped from the world, finally dying with the Pupil.

Notable Worshippers:

Orren Arius Alistair Durren Faldrin Faldrus Durneston
Jebediah Kilore Bennet Kilore Faldrin Faldrus
The Unseeing Eye

Race: Human (Ascended)
Age: Ageless
Current Status: Living
Domains: Knowledge, History, Mind
Role: Keeper of the Perfect Form
First appearance: “The Day the Duke Came to Town”
Season(s): 2


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