The Great Devourer — God of Destruction



A horrible monster born of the primordial ooze, Rovagug is one of the original gods. While other gods forged creation, Rovagug sought only to destroy. Mindless in his rage, the god attempted to devour the world, but was stopped by the other gods. Sarenrae, goddess of the Sun, dealt the final blow and sealed him away in an unreachable prison deep within the earth. It is said she store the fire of the sun inside the prison to torture the monster, and that volcanoes and earthquakes are the work of the old god stirring in his cell.

Since he was sealed before the age of mortals, no one knows exactly what Rovagug looks like. Popular depictions show him as a spider-like creature with a massive mouth. His spawn are fearsome creatures, chief among them the Drider, an extinct race of half-man half-spiders creatures.

As the God of Destruction, Rovagug is widely worshipped by the warring cults of orcs and goblins. In his role as the king of monsters, Rovagug is also revered by beasts intelligent enough to recognize their own rumored origins as his spawn. He has also drawn the interest of other races, such as humans. A small cult called the Children of Dusk hope to release Rovagug from his prison and restore him to power, believing he will look favorably upon them. The world, the cult believes, is corrupt and wicked and must be purified in the belly of the beast.

In Season Three, a group of adventurers working for the Marquis of Mejas found the Children of Dusk cult working with a mercenary band in Undermountain. The cult took a particular interest in Malakai Cross, but were defeated in battle. Ivan the Blade took the group’s robes and a dagger they carried.

Notable Worshippers:
Children of Dusk

Race: God
Age: Ageless
Current Status: Sealed
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, War, Evil, Monsters
Role: Feral destroyer of creation
First appearance: “The Webs We Weave”
Season(s): 3


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