The Dawnflower — the goddess of healing and light



Sarenrae is the goddess of light, healing and fire, a benevolent and kind deity devoted to purifying the world of all evil. One of the first gods, Sarenrae controls the Sun and helped battle with the other deities against Rovagug when he tried to consume creation. Sarenrae was able to drive him into an extraplanar prison, where the beast remains locked to this day.

The Dawnflower (as she is sometimes called) is often portrayed as a bronze-skinned woman with dark eyes, feathered wings and flowing fiery yellow hair. In one hand she holds a ball of fire, in the other, a glowing scimitar.

Sarenrae’s followers are known for their compassion and even the most hardened of worshipper will always offer the chance at redemption, often serving as counselors or guardians. However, devotees of the Dawnflower are not weak. More radical sects honor Sarenrae’s other side: her purifying light. These crusaders actively seek out evil, hoping to reform but ready to destroy the irredeemable.

Notable Worshippers:

Race: God
Age: Ageless
Current Status: Living
Domains: Fire, Healing, Light, Good
Role: Lightbringer of the world
First appearance: "Something’s Cookin’ "
Season(s): 1, 3


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