Children of Dusk

The Children of Dusk are a small, but growing, offshoot of the more common cults of Rovagug the Great Devourer, the sleeping spider god of destruction. Whereas most cults of Rovagug delight in the suffering and demise of others, the Children of Dusk view it as a means to an end. They see the world as a cruel and heartless place and seek to accelerate its destruction to usher in a new world created by their god.

The Children of Dusk believe that certain prophesied harbingers of the world’s end are fast approaching, and do all they can to prepare the world for its eventual destruction. They believe that by worshipping the Great Devourer, they will spared when he consumes the world and instead be nourished by Rovagug with the world’s remnants, like a mother bird feeding her chicks.

The Children of Dusk were first encountered in the Undermountain mine where they had struck up a deal with Sloane and his band of mercenaries. Unbeknownst to Sloane’s employer, the Children agreed to help Sloane locate the fabled Kingsfang in the Drider King’s tomb. In exchange, the Children would receive the drider queen’s eggs. The Children believed that since spiders fall under Rovagug’s domain, they deserved to be freed and not be subservient to the drider queen.

They also took a particular interest in one member of the adventuring party and his “destiny”: Malakai Cross. The cult members were quickly dispatched by an adventuring party trying to stop Sloane: Ivan, Malakai, Freya and Erasmus.

Later on, the Children of Dusk made another appearance at the side of a shapeshifting operative of the Black Buck. The doppleganger Bob had replaced the marquis of Mejas and was sabotaging the city’s defenses. After the party uprooted the conspiracy, the false marquis’ two advisors revealed their true forms: shadow creatures sent by the Children of Dusk to assist. Thanks to the adventurers and an angry mob roused to action by Amaryllis, the cultists and Bob were all defeated.



Children of Dusk

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