Dravidian Empire


The Dravidian Empire has endured for centuries. It was founded nearly a millennia ago between humanity and the elves that forfeited their forest homes for the comfort of civilization. Since then, the Empire has steadily grown, amassing land through political intrigue and military might.

Their expansion ultimately put them in opposition with the city states of the south, which were fragmented and easily conquered. The Empire controlled much of the continent until an upstart warlord from the southern island continent Loradys — King Oala — united the strongest clans and marched north, pushing back the Dravidians and beginning The War Without End.

The war lasted centuries until the southern continent was Reckoned, leaving the island missing behind an impenetrable storm and King Oala presumed dead. The city-states quickly crumbled and sued for peace. The Dravidians hastily accepted, having grown tired of facing such a fearsome foe.

The world was at peace for several years, but 10 years after the Reckoning, a second bombing occurred, this time flattening the southern port city of Ashingport. The Dravidians claimed to have no knowledge of the attack, but the scattered Oalan states didn’t buy the excuse. They united under their former banner and reignited war.

One year on, and Dravidian land has fallen to a rising tide of furious warriors. Simultaneously, a powerful Duke was weakened (some suggest by internal strife, others by agents of some shadowy organization), allowing a brutish Oalan general to conquer the duke’s lands and march ever closer to the Dravidian capital.

After the marquis of Mejas foolishly sent his defensive fleet away, members of the Empire seized the opportunity to invade his city. They were not aware the marquis had actually been replaced by an imposter. An expeditionary force led by Archduke Rikart the Indomidable conquered Aytral. Rikart intended to march north and conquer Mejas easily, but Prince Nolan Highstall and his fiercest warriors tried to beat him there first to steal the glory.

Neither had any idea that a team of adventurers had rooted out the fake marquis and was commanding the city’s defenses. After trickery by the adventurers and a fierce battle from land and from sea, the Dravidians were driven off. The prince was captured and both Rikart and Alexandre Bergeron, a notorious champion, were killed. The battle has henceforth become known as The Miracle at Mejas.

The prince was ultimately ransomed back to the Dravidians in exchange for his fleet, including his flagship. The Dravidians were dealt a severe blow by the stunning defeat, and were forced to pull their fleets back to protect their own capital. This left the mysterious island of Kalahar, which the Dravidians and Company Zero had been investigating, open for exploration.

Despite the defeat, the empire still retains control of Aytral and are marching south along the coast toward Oalan territories.

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Dravidian Empire

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