Drider Clutch of Undermountain


Drider were thought to be extinct from this world. Legend told of a last clan that existed hundreds of years ago. They were half-man, half-monster creatures known for their ruthlessness in battle. But their King was killed and the clan were wiped out at the start of War Without End.

But that, apparently, was not the case.

A single drider survived somehow, and ruled over her brood in the abandoned mine at Undermountain. Having no drider to mate with, the queen instead turned to the beasts of the forest and raised her newest clutch of children, a group of intelligent giant spiders.

About 11 years after the fall of Ashingport, the drider’s clan were driven from their home by a band of mercenaries.

The spiders moved to the nearby village Patriot’s Hollow, where they spun a new temporary nest, dubbed it “Underhill” and fed on most of the townsfolk. The queen now seeks to return to her ancestral home.

Notable Members:



Drider Clutch of Undermountain

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