Martyr's Square

Once known as the Happy Mask District, Martyr’s Square is the cultural hub of Mejas. Within its confines is the Grand Repository, Mejas’ impressive library and scholarly institution for traveling and studying mages.

Mejas hadn’t seen battle for decades, and certainly not in the Happy Mask District. That all came to an end when a doppleganger named Bob assumed the form of the marquis of the city in an attempt to further the Black Buck’s schemes against the city’s ruler. The fake marquis was unmasked by the heroes, who led a mob against the doppleganger and his shadowy henchmen. The brawl was bloody, with many civilians falling to the doppleganger’s blades. In the end, the mob prevailed.

During The Miracle at Mejas, a group of mages and militiamen led by Donovar Shett and Erasmus Morfe held the library against the Dravidian special forces unit Company Zero until help could arrive. After the battle, the area was renamed Martyr’s Square to honor those who gave their lives defending the city.

In Martyr’s Square, Ria Halfelven used part of the city’s fortune to build a temple to Sarenrae and Desna named The House of Sun and Stars. Satine Lewis built a fountain to Iomedae.

The adventurers also commissioned artwork of their victory from a local artist.

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Martyr's Square

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