Oalan Alliance


The Oalan Alliance was formed after the Reckoning at Ashingport 11 years priors to the events of Season Three.

The new confederacy of city-states and warlords’ lands was named after the former Oalan Kingdom, one of the major factions in the “The War Without End” which was disbanded after the Reckoning of the southern continent. The former Oalan leaders had been frustrated by the Dravidian Empire’s success and pyrrhic victory in the conflict, and tensions had simmered in the Scattered States after the war. The destruction of Ashingport was seen as an act of war by the Dravidians, serving to unite the multiple factions of the South to defeat the northern oppressors.

Since the war began anew, Oalan-backed forces led by a charismatic half-orc general who claims to have survived the Ashingport Reckoning have taken much of the Dravidian’s conquests, and then some. The Oalan Alliance is clearly on the front foot in this latest conflict.

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Oalan Alliance

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