Scrapebottom Haven


In the middle of the Circle Sea near the Hell’s Gate volcano lies Scrapebottom Haven, a trading post tucked into the nearby volcanic islands. True to its name, getting to Scrapebottom Haven is a perilous journey. Dangerous currents often swarm the seas and blockades of Dravidian and Oalan gunboats close off whole sections of ocean. To make matters worse, Scrapebottom is surrounded by shallow reefs, making it difficult for all but the most skilled navigator (or someone with an accurate map) to enter.

But travelers who do make it past the reefs are greeted by a deep water port and welcoming shipwrights and traders aboard. Scrapebottom Haven often attracts less desirable clientele like pirates and privateers. An entire section of the archipelago — the Isle of Innocence — is devoted to brothels and whorehouses.

Still, a strict peace is enforced at the island. While bar fights often occur, the select few serious crimes are quickly put down by one ruling pirate: the “Siren of the Circle Sea,” pirate queen Sar Taranga. However, some of the furthest islets extend beyond the queen’s influence; These are where the lawless lurk.




Scrapebottom Haven

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