The Black Buck's Agents


The Black Buck is a bogeyman, a story told to children to make them listen to their mothers. He’s an urban legend spread among the criminal ranks and spoken of in hushed whispers on the battlefield.

He’s a mysterious mage of unknown power, said to be a protector — or destroyer — of all things good. One thing is for sure: no one has ever shown proof he actually exists.

But in reality, the Black Buck does exist, though no one has ever seen his face and lived to tell the tale. He employs a network of criminals, agents, heroes and villains the likes of which are probably unrivaled in the world.

Even those who know more than most learn little about his methods or his motivation. The Marquis of Mejas, Felip De Sousa, sought to find the Black Buck, hiring a band of heroes to track the elusive figure down. The adventurers eventually discovered a group of mercenaries trying to retrieve the Kingsfangs from the Tomb of the Drider King in Undermountain. The party stopped Jarvas Sloane and his men and retrieved the fangs for themselves.

After meeting with a former agent of the Black Buck that had gone mad, the party journeyed to the nearby desert to chase down a lead. In an Akashi temple in the Scorchlands, the adventurers saw a vision from a dead former agent which portrayed his life and death at the Black Buck’s hands.

They also saw a fragmented vision that appeared to show the Black Buck’s origins as a young mage named Elias Renten in training at an unknown school for the arcane called Somon. In the vision, Elias is a talented young sorcerer who values loyalty with his friends. But after a skip in the vision, the adventurers see Elias standing among the rubble of the school, announcing that he “must do this” because no other mortal will. Elias then announces no one can remember who he was and the vision goes blank.

After trapping one of Black Buck’s agents in jail in Firmrock, the party learn through their investigations that the Black Buck appears to be seeking to eliminate the gods, believing that mortals should dictate their own destinies. Meanwhile, the Black Buck has learned of the Marquis De Sousa’s plan to eliminate him and enacts revenge. One of his operatives, a shapeshifting doppleganger named Bob, impersonates the marquis, locking him away in jail and taking control of Mejas. The fake then sends away the city’s defenses; the Black Buck intends to let the Dravidian Empire conquer the city to not only kill the marquis but shame his legacy and destroy all he ever built up.

The adventurers discover the conspiracy, stop the doppleganger and ultimately taunt the Black Buck before making a valiant defense of the city and driving off the invaders. After learning that Sloane may be at Scrapebottom Haven, the party set off, but are sidetracked by mysterious happenings at the island of Kalahar. On the island, they sever the last remaining station of the nature god, despite protests from Amaryllis that doing so would aid the Black Buck in his goals.

The party set off in their magically enhanced ship for Scrapebottom Haven to track down Sloane.

Notable members:

The Black Buck's Agents

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