The House of Sun and Stars


The House of Sun and Stars is a unique house of worship in Martyr’s Square in Mejas founded by the cleric Ria Voidtouched and dedicated to her two opposing gods, the sun goddess Sarenrae and the goddess of night, Desna. A fountain in the nearby square honors another god, Iomedae, at the request of the bounty hunter Satine Lewis

Most denominations of the two faiths find the other goddess to be incompatible; Sarenrae’s clerics find Desna’s teachings to be too flighty and fickle, while Desna’s worshippers see Sarenrae’s followers as self-righteous. The customs and teachings of both faiths are wildly inconsistent as well. According to the scholars at the Grand Repository in Mejas, there have been no successful mergings of the two churches in recorded history.

That said, Ria is not an ordinary cleric. During an adventure in the Scorchlands, a vast desert south of Mejas that has special holy significance to Sarenrae’s followers, she encountered a curse sent by Desna by directly touching a moonstone. She had wild visions before eventually being revived by her companions.

Later at the mysterious elven observatory of Anhe Talas, she met the Dreamseer, a matriarch of the elves and priestess of Desna who lifted the curse after her heroics helped end a destructive conflict between the elves and orcs. But a side effect remained: Ria was now in commune with Desna as well as her original god, Sarenrae.

Rather than shirk her newfound powers, Ria embraced them and later founded The House of Sun and Stars to honor both goddesses. There, specially chosen priests seek to find common teachings between the two deities. The respective mainline churches of both faiths find these teachings blasphemous, but the House of Sun and Stars has found a small, but growing, following among the poor in Mejas, fueled in part by the legends and stories of Ria’s heroics during The Miracle at Mejas.

The temple itself is of stone construction and is oriented to face both the rising and setting suns. Dusk and dawn are the holiest times of day for the small church, as they represent the times when the domains of Sarenrae and Desna overlap.




The House of Sun and Stars

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